Stroller Safety: Tips for Parents

The natural place to start would be knowing how to chose the right stroller for your child. To make sure your kiddo will be safe, you need to know what to pay attention to when looking for a buggy and how to use it on the go. Like many families, it is possible that yours will need more than one stroller, but with such an abundance of designs and types of buggies, it takes some understanding to know which one will be the safest for your family.

Location Does Matter

Your location plays an important role when it comes to stroller safety. If you live in the city or the suburbs, you will probably need a sturdy unit that will allow you to safely maneuver along sidewalks. In such an environment, you might find yourself in a situation when you need to fold your stroller quickly, for example, to bring it onboard a bus or train.

Choose the Right Stroller for Your Lifestyle

If your child is a bit older, the safest bet would be getting a double stroller or a buggy that comes with an attachment for an older child. In case you opt for a unit with an attachment, don’t forget to read the model’s weight guidelines.

Chose an appropriate stroller for your lifestyle. It is not the best idea to just put your baby in stroller and go for a jog. For such purposes, you would need a jogging stroller. In case you wish to go running errands or to travel, you can get an umbrella model for that.

Look For Stroller Accessorieses

Accessories on a stroller are not only designed to be convenient and make the buggy look better but to keep your baby safe as well. Before opting for a model, check if it has a rain cover, blanket, 50 SPF+ canopy, cup holder, or a storage basket. If you like a particular model, but it lacks such features, check if you can buy such accessories separately.

Choose the Right Model For Newborn

Not any type of buggy is safe for a newborn. If you are planning to use a stroller with a newborn, you need to get one that has a fully-reclining seat. Newborn infants do not possess head and neck control and therefore cannot sit up. In case your stroller seat can’t be fully reclined, there might be a possibility of using an infant insert, bassinet or infant car seat.

Babies gain head and neck control at the age of 6 months and only then can they sit in a regular stroller seat. However, there is little chance you are going to find an umbrella stroller that supports those options, and joggers are no way safe for newborns.

That is one of the reasons why some families have more than one stroller.

Infant Car Seat or Special Adapters

If you own a car, you might need to take additional safety steps. It would be good to look for a stroller that can hold an infant car seat. Some models and infant car seats come in a package, while other strollers require special adapters that allow it to be used with a specific infant car seat model. Once you buckle up your child in their car seat, these types of buggies will enable you to move your baby between the unit and your car effortlessly.

Such strollers are called travel systems, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but they won’t solve all of your problems. So, don’t be tempted to leave your child to nap for a longer time in the infant car seat.

Stroller Safety Tips for Parents

Spending to much time in the infant car seat can impact the child’s breathing negatively, lead to the development of a flat spot on the back of your child’s head. In case your child suffers from gastroesophageal reflux disease, sleeping for a prolonged period in the car seat can make it worse, so it is best not to let your baby sleep for more than two hours in it.

Spacious Storage Is Always a Good Idea

In case your child was born prematurely or has specific health problems, it might be a good idea to consult with parents who have dealt with the same issue or health experts. Nevertheless, in such a case, you will definitely benefit from a large storage basket. A spacious storage basket will allow you to safely carry the necessary equipment, such as a cardiac monitor or oxygen.

There are plenty of things you can do to lessen the chances of a buggy accident. First of all, be mindful of toys. If you hang to the canopy or bumper bar, make sure it is fastened well. When taking your baby for a ride, always buckle up their safety harness.

It is best to look for a model that comes with a 5-point safety harness. Whenever you stop the buggy, make sure to engage the brakes. If the brakes are double action, make sure you press both of them and double check them.

In case you lack storage space, don’t revert to hanging your belonging on the handlebar. If you have something hanged on the handlebar and let go of the buggy even for a second, it might quickly tip over. That especially goes for lightweight models.

Be careful when collapsing it. The baby’s little fingers can easily get caught in the hinges, so make sure your child is at a safe distance. Ensure that the stroller is fully open and locked in place before you place your child inside the seat.

Don’t Leave the Stroller in the Sun for Too Long

During hot and humid summers, do not leave the stroller outside in the sun for prolonged periods of time. It might seem like you are overdoing it a bit, but the metal and the plastic pieces can get hot enough to burn your child. In case you do leave it in the sun for a bit, check its surface temperature first before using it.

Check For Recalls on Your Stroller

Like any other important piece of gear, quality strollers undergo rigorous tests and are manufactured to a certain standard. However, mistakes do happen, and sometimes they get overlooked. Make sure to regularly check for recalls on your specific models, because it might not be so easy for the manufacturer to track you down and inform you.

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