Pregnancy Sex: How to Stay Safe?

Many women wonder how to have safe sex during pregnancy. It is said that it is a somewhat different experience when you’re carrying a baby. It can be very challenging to find a comfortable pose while wondering if the baby is ok and having back pain.

Be that as it may, some women find having intercourse during pregnancy enjoyable and more intense. Their hormones are peaking, and they report being more sensitive to sexual stimulation. However, some doubts remain.

Is pregnant sex safe? The answer is yes -women are free to have sex throughout the pregnancy. Having pregnant sex is even encouraged as it stimulates and keeps organs of reproduction alert.

Circumstances under which pregnant intercourse is not advised are when women have health issues, pain, or the doctor advised them to take it easy. In these cases, it is best to abstain from any straining physical activity. We have prepared more helpful information on the topic below.

Changes in Libido

Due to substantial hormonal changes, some women experiences heightened sex drives, while others feel their interest in sex dwindling. Both states are perfectly normal, and they depend on individual experience. In some cases, women don’t feel any change in their libido, at all.

Women usually feel physically uncomfortable to have sex in the final trimester of their pregnancy. They might be experiencing physical discomfort, lack of sleep, due to the growing belly.  Not to mention, their mind racing over the upcoming delivery.

Inducing Labor

Pregnant sex cannot induce labor if you have a healthy and normal pregnancy. If you have a low-risk pregnancy, your body will not be triggered by sexual stimulation. Some women report having mild contractions after intercourse, but these are just standard false alarms.

Extra Tip

Some doctors recommend sexual activity in the last few weeks of pregnancy. This type of stimulus can help the body begin the birthing process naturally. While it cannot induce labor, it can help trigger the body into speeding up the process.

Baby’s Safety

A widely spread misconception about pregnant sex is that it can hurt the baby. In reality, the baby does not feel anything because it is well protected in the uterus. The walls of the uterus are thick, the baby is laying in amniotic fluid, and is therefore completely isolated from outside activity.

Another misconception is that the penis might reach the baby. The cervix is located below the uterus, and the penis physically cannot go beyond the beginning of the cervix.


A common fear is that sex will cause a woman to miscarry. This is not the case because sex does not influence the baby at all. Though sex cannot produce a miscarriage, it is not recommended to have rough and fast-paced sex, as it can damage the cervix and vagina.

Sexual Positions

Some sexual positions become impossible in the third trimester. The belly is big, your body is aching, and finding comfort while lying down can be a challenge, let alone having sex. We have some advice on how to make sexual positions safe and comfortable.


The missionary position can easily be done in the first few months. However, later on, you will have to make adjustments to stay safe.

Place a large pillow behind your back, so you are tilted forward. Your partner should be on top of you as usual, but he should be hovering over you rather than putting the full weight of his body on you. He can use his arms to keep himself up.


Pregnancy Sex How To Stay Safe

On Top

If you wish to be on top, you may easily do so in the first and second trimester. This position is recommended so that women can control the pace of intercourse. As your belly grows, it might be more tiring to be on top while attempting to balance.


This position is laid back and cozy. You can do it at any stage of your pregnancy with ease. Make sure you keep a pillow between your knees for extra comfort and support.

On All Fours

This position is comfortable for both you and your partner. You will only need a few pillows to put under your knees and make sure you keep a slow pace. This position can be performed during all three trimesters.

Edge of the Bed

This is a safe position which entails you laying on the edge of the bed, with your feet on the ground. Your partner can hover over you without putting his weight on you. Again, make sure you keep a mild pace.

Oral Sex

It is safe to give and receive oral sex while pregnant. Make sure your partner is gentle and take things slowly. Don’t engage in any activity if your partner has oral herpes as this is far big of a risk for you and the baby.

Sex Toys

Physicians have said that it is safe to use sex toys during pregnancy as long as they are cleaned regularly. You should also make sure they are not used vigorously and pushed too hard or too deep.

Bleeding After Intercourse

During the first trimester, it is normal for the capillaries in the cervix to swell. This can cause them to burst during straining activities such as intercourse. You may notice blood or spotting afterward sex.

Though there is no reason to panic, it is advisable to mention this to your healthcare provider.

Doctor’s Orders

It is always best to consult your physician regarding any doubts you may have. Your doctor is the only person who can give you the green light to have intercourse during pregnancy. At the end of the day, if your doctor says you should abstain from sex, you will need to listen to them.

Sex After Birth

Most physicians recommend waiting at least six weeks after the delivery, to have intercourse. This will allow your body to heal, lower any risks of infection, and prevent any harm or pain.

If you have had an episiotomy or a Caesarian, make sure to wait longer and consult your doctor or midwife before you indulge in any sexual activity.

Some women experience yet another change in hormones postpartum and can feel their sex-drive lower. This is perfectly normal, and your body is bound to bounce back in a few weeks. You and your partner will need to wait it out.


Having sex during pregnancy can be performed safely and comfortably. It is advisable to engage in mild physical activity and sexual stimulus, as long as you have a low-risk pregnancy.

Make sure you adjust sexual positions to make them more comfortable and less straining. It is best to keep a slower pace and listen to your body while having intercourse. After the first trimester, make sure you only use positions where you are on your back or your side.

Consult your doctor if you have any additional questions. Make sure they give you the green light for any sexual activity both during your pregnancy as well as postpartum.


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