Best Convertible Stroller Reviews


Is your family in need of a multi-functional stroller that can be used on different occasions? A standard convertible stroller might just be what you need. The standard strollers of today are intended for everyday use, in an urban environment, but some of them can be used on all types of terrain. A convertible stroller is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for an all-in-one model.

Most classic modern strollers are convertible. The majority of them are compatible with various baby car seats and are convertible into travel systems. Some of them can even be upgraded to double strollers, which is perfect for a growing family.

Here are some of the best options currently on the market.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller -Henry 2017
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller -Henry 2017

Stroller Weight: 49 lbs
Age/Weight Limit: Toddler Seat: 3 mo to 50 lbs Bassinet: from birth
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: One hand
Brake: Foot
Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller
Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

Stroller Weight: 27.2 lbs
Age/Weight Limit: Less than 36 mo, 50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One-hand
Brake: 2-step, foot
Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller
Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

Stroller Weight: 18.8 lbs
Age/Weight Limit: 6 months, 50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One-hand
Brake: Foot
Chicco Bravo Stroller - Black
Chicco Bravo Stroller

Stroller Weight: 23 lbs
Age/Weight Limit: 6 months, 50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: One-hand
Brake: 2-step, foot
City Select LUX
City Select LUX

Stroller Weight: 35 lbs
Age/Weight Limit: From birth to toddlerhood, 45 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: Two hand
Brake: Hand


UPPAbaby Vista Henry Stroller 2017 – Our Top Choice

UPPAbaby Stroller

It is considered to be top stroller in many cities. A durable model that is also stylish and highly functional. It is a stroller that will grow with your kiddo. The Vista comes with an all-in-one frame that is able to support a car seat (with the right adapter), toddler seat and an infant bassinet. If you purchase a couple of extra accessories, you can transform it into a double stroller. Not only that, but it can even accommodate three kids.

With the appropriate bassinet, the stroller can be used by newborns. Considering its price, the Vista is a significant investment, but, taking into account its design, simplicity, and versatility, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

It is packed with a strong and durable aluminum/magnesium frame, baby bassinet, toddler seat, rain and bug shield, all-terrain wheels, and, the favorite of many parents, a gigantic storage basket. You can run errands for hours without having to worry about storage room.

One of the key selling points is undoubtedly the infant bassinet. Not only does it allow you to wheel your kid around comfortably, but it can also serve you as a bassinet for sleep back at home. The inside of the bassinet is plush and has cozy written all over it. The vented canopy and the aerated mattress are there to make sure your child won’t overheat. In case of a mishap, the waterproof liner comes off easily.

Another key feature of the Vista is the ability to be converted into a double stroller, but, for that, you will need to purchase the appropriate adapters. Even though it is one of the largest single models out there, the Vista is renowned for the smooth ride and easy maneuverability it offers. It runs smoothly on flat surfaces and is shock resistant on bumpy ones.

This is certainly the most user-friendly stroller on the market. The Vista took all of the best features from other models out there and incorporated them into a single stroller.


  • Sizeable basin
  • Durable wheels
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy-to-adjust seat
  • Safe and easy-to-operate brakes
  • Storage space on the frame
  • Grows with the child
  • User-friendly
  • Convertible into a double stroller


  • Pricey
  • The weight
  • Folding mechanism needs some getting used to

Graco Room for 2 Stand & Ride Stroller – Perfect for Two Kids

Graco Stroller

Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller is a double stroller that will not break your budget. It is quite affordable and will offer a smooth ride to both of your children during those quick rides around the city.

No matter if you have a baby, or a toddler, or two bigger children, this stroller will meet your needs. A sit and stand stroller is ideal for parents who have a toddler that likes to be on the go, and an infant that requires the protection of a full-sized model. Your toddler can stand or sit in the back, and can quickly hop on and off.

The front seat has a full-flat recline, making sure the kid using it can nap in comfort. It is also great for children of different ages. This stroller is compatible with Graco, SnugRide, Classic Connect and Click Connect infant car seats. A double stroller that comes with a one-hand fold? It is almost miraculous, but here we have one. It also folds up compactly and easily, making it easy to fit it inside your car or storage.

TheRoomfor2 comes with ingenious storage solutions for both you and your kids. The under seat basket is spacious and secure. It can hold a diaper bag, a couple of jackets, and still leave you with enough room for some extra items. Cleaning is easy, and the stroller comes with straightforward washing instructions. Double strollers often come with double the weight, but since the Graco Roomfor2 weighs only 27 pounds, it is safe to say that is not the case here.

The safety is of no concern here. The stroller is JPMA certified and meets ASTM standard. This might as well be a stroller for parents on a budget, but the features are absolutely luxurious. A dream come true for parents who have to take care of two kids at once.


  • Affordable
  • A lot of storage options
  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • The Front seat has full-flat recline


  • Doesn’t perform well on bumpy terrain
  • Not compatible with all car seats
  • Back jump seat doesn’t offer any shade

Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller – Best for the Money

Graco 2

Impressive features coming at a reasonable price make the Graco Verb Travel System one of the most valuable strollers out there. Even though the price is much lower, the manufacturer didn’t cut any cost on the safety features and the design. For those wondering why this stroller comes at a significantly lower price, the answer is durability. It is not as durable as other, more expensive strollers, but it can last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Weighing only 18.8 lbs, the stroller is quite portable and easy to maneuver, even when it is packed with your baby gear and other necessities. Loading and unloading it from your car will be a breeze. Portability is the area in which this stroller stands out the most.

The integrated suspension ensures that the ride is as smooth as it can be. With the addition of the multi-position recline, your baby’s comfort is set at maximum. It can be used on multiple kinds of terrain, but if you want to make sure the ride stays smooth and your stroller lasts longer, we recommend using it only on concrete surfaces.

Another considerable advantage is the convenient one-hand fold that allows the stroller to stand on its own when folded. For parents who think they don’t have enough hands on them, this feature will come highly appreciated.

Some essentials have been included for the parents’ convenience. The stroller comes with two cup holders, storage basket, and a parent’s tray.  Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller is compatible with any Graco click connect infant car seat, meaning that adapters are not required as long as the infant seat is a click connect. It only takes one step to attach it. If you want an all-around stroller that is also affordable, this is the stroller for you. A simple model that has all the qualities most parents are looking for.


  • One of the most affordable quality strollers on the market
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Attractive design
  • Lined canopy with a peekaboo window
  • Portability


  • Not as durable as durable
  • Some parents reported having occasional issues with the lock on the front wheel

Chicco Bravo LE Stroller – Best Folding Stroller


A multi-use stroller that makes transporting your infant quite easy. This stroller is the latest model of the reputable Chicco brand. The manufacturer kept in mind all the needs of a busy parent.

This stroller is designed to be the ultimate model that will ensure easy transportation for your and your kid as they age from a newborn infant to a fully-fledged toddler. The stroller’s frame starts out as a car seat carrier for the manufacturer’s own renowned baby car seat line, Chicco Key Fit. The Chicco Bravo LE has three levels of recline. Your child can even lay down almost completely flat, sit at an angle, or sit up straight. Another prominent feature is the adjustable handlebar. It can be set to accommodate both parents as well as grandparents.

It comes with a lot of extras that a parent might need. It has one snack tray for the child, and one for the parent as well. The parent tray includes two cup holders, but they are somewhat shallow which might be problematic.

A key feature of this model is the ease of putting it away. Just pull up the handlebar that’s under the seat, and the stroller will automatically take care of the rest. The stroller stores and locks automatically, and stays in an upright position when folded.

The stroller also requires just one hand to unfold; you can even do it while holding your child. It could easily be the only stroller that can be opened and closed with a single hand. The wheels are stable and sturdy, but the shock absorption doesn’t work well on rough and rocky terrain. It must be noted that this model could be a bit more easy to maneuver.

With double-action breaks, it might not be as convenient to park, but it’s not a deal breaker. On the other hand, the brakes are flip-flop friendly.

Essentially, with this model, the easy-fold system comes at the expense of maneuverability. Hence, the Chicco Bravo Le stroller will be most appreciated by parents looking for ease of transportation.


  • Grows with your child
  • Overextending canopy
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple and easy fold system


  • Only rear-facing baby seat, the normal stroller position is forward-facing
  • Maneuverability

Baby Jogger City Select Lux – All-in-one stroller

Baby Jogger

This model is intended for everyday use and is perfect for parents who want to have an all-in-one stroller instead of having to buy a couple of specialized strollers. The City Select Lux adjusts to the need of any family. It is suitable for newborns, babies, and even toddlers. If you add the Gilder Board, it can accommodate up to three children. You can install two bassinets, two toddlers seats, two baby car seats, or you can mix it up as you wish.

It has more than twenty different seating options in total. The stroller is also compatible with the major baby car seat models, such as Britax and Chicco. However, you need a special adapter to use it as a travel system. The toddler seats feature a multi-position recline that can easily be adjusted with the lever on the back, and they are also reversible.

Another very useful feature are the lockable swiveling wheels that increase stroller stability and give parents better control of the stroller. They much appreciated when going over rough terrain. The wheels are big enough to allow you to navigate over curbs and other impediments with ease.

It is very easy to park, thanks to the convenient hand brake. It is helpful when you need to stop suddenly. Locking and unlocking it is very easy, but you don’t need to worry about your child unlocking it when sitting on the bench seat. The handlebar is adjustable and telescoping, which minimizes wrist fatigue.

Most parents love how easy it is to navigate, it is a breeze to push and can make quick turns effortlessly. The storage basket is huge and accommodating. It can easily fit everything you need. We must face the fact that the stroller is pretty heavy, but considering that its weight is a trade-off for its durability, flexibility, maneuverability, and overall high-quality, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is absolutely worth it.


  • Versatile
  • All-in-one stroller
  • Grows with your child
  • Ideal for a growing family
  • All-terrain, easy-to-use brake
  • Easy to fold
  • Spacious storage
  • Easy to assemble


  • Can’t stand on its own when folded
  • Additional accessories for the second kid are sold separately;


A convertible stroller converts from a single to a double stroller, and vice versa. It’s almost like magic. If you are a parent that likes to get your money’s worth, a convertible stroller might just be the thing for you. Because they are very versatile, convertible strollers come at a great value.

Things to consider before buying a convertible stroller

As with any stroller, the first thing you need to be happy with is the way your stroller looks. You won’t enjoy pushing a stroller that doesn’t aesthetically suit you, no matter how good it is.  And that’s just the beginning.

Think about what the position in which you want your children to sit. Do you want them to face the world, or do you want them to face you? Some strollers have both options, but that feature usually comes at the expense of some others. Make sure that there is enough space between the two seats. Leg room is essential for your baby’s comfort. Check if both of your kids will be able to recline deep enough for a quality nap.

Strollers with seats behind and below the primary seat are usually harder to push for shorter adults. Be sure to check out the weight limit of the second seat. Typically, the second seat’s weight limit is drastically lower than that of the first one. If you have twins, that could be a huge deal breaker.

Check out how much storage room is available after the second seat is added. Some second seats take up all of the storage room, while others leave you with only a little, perhaps just enough for a couple of essentials. Where do you plan to store the stroller? Does it fit inside your car? Most convertibles are heavy and bulky.

Many parents think they’ll have to forfeit transportability if they get a convertible stroller, but that is not the case with some high-end models available on the market. That being said, you’ll still need to manage your expectations.

convertible stroller

Why a Convertible Stroller is Right for Your Family

If you have a growing family, with kids fewer than three years apart, you needn’t look further. Convertibles are a much more cost-efficient solution than most double strollers. But that’s not the only benefit. For those who have enough room for a larger stroller, it’s best to use that to your advantage, because larger strollers come with more features than normal-sized ones.

Another good reason to purchase a convertible is if you are planning to use your stroller from your baby’s birth, and not just during the older years of toddlerhood. Some models might require additional adapters or boards for newborns, but it usually doesn’t cost much to do so and certainly costs less than buying two strollers.

You might not have (or plan on having) two kids, but maybe you will do a nanny share occasionally.

And such an activity does require a stroller that accommodates two kids. If you are always on the go, and you’ll have to drag it up and down the stairway or often take it in and out of your trunk, then you should really think twice about getting a convertible.

These things are usually heavy, so they might not be for everyone. But luckily, like with everything, there are exceptions to that rule. Some convertibles might lack other features that are standard in their category, but are easy to transport and to store.

Of course, a growing family isn’t just a family with two kids. Some high-end models can accommodate up to three children even without making additional purchases.

Convertible Strollers Functions

A standard modern convertible isn’t necessarily bulky and difficult to handle. A lot of convertible models have a great suspension system, can handle rough terrain, and are very agile. The best thing about convertibles is that you can use them on different occasions. Despite the size, they are usually easy to push on bumpy sidewalks, grass, gravel and shopping alleys.

The majority of standard convertibles weigh 16 to 27 pounds, which makes them heavier than most other types. Don’t forget that they are also more functional than other strollers.


Most convertibles come with a reclining seat, although likely, it won’t have a full-recline (which is necessary for sleeping newborns). The regular seat in a convertible is better suited for toddlers, but many of them can be used from with the appropriate car seat or an additional bassinet.

Basically, it all depends on the pace of your baby’s development. Some kids can sit upright earlier than others; it is nothing that should keep you up at night. A child acquires head and neck control when they are six months old, approximately.

Some convertible models have reversible seats, which means that your kiddo can face you, or you can allow them to explore the surrounding world.  But it must be noted that that is not the norm. It is best to have a padded seat that comes with a 5-point harness. That will ensure the safety and comfort of your child during your daily strolls.


In general, bigger wheels that have air-filled tires are more suitable for tough terrain, but rubber tires and a good suspension system make a stroller ideal for almost all kinds of terrain (within reason, of course).


The brake can either be operated by foot or hand, and, like with most strollers, convertibles feature foot brakes. A handbrake on a stroller is a rarity and is undoubtedly an advantage. The parking brakes can either be single or double action.


A fully functional stroller needs to be equipped with a sizable basket beneath the seat. It should accommodate more than just the essentials. So beware, convertibles usually do come with a lot of storage space, but it is important to note that adding a second seat can eat up all of it, or most of it.

That doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a stroller that can accommodate both the second seat and all of your parenting necessities, it is just something that is good to keep in mind.


Q: Is a convertible stroller suitable for a newborn?

A: If it has a fully-reclining seat, then it is. Some convertibles might not have fully-reclining seats, but can be made appropriate for newborns with a proper adapter or a bassinet for a newborn. The bassinet will either come with the stroller or can be bought separately.

Q: Can I take a convertible stroller on a flight?

A: Most convertible models are not suitable for cabins, and it is highly unlikely that any airline will allow them as carry-on luggage. However, you most likely can take bring them as check-in luggage. It would be best to check with the airline company for their specific regulations before embarking on your journey.

Q: What is the weight limit?

A: The seat of the typical convertible can hold up to 50 pounds. However, if the model comes with a second seat as well, the weight limit will most likely be much smaller for that one. It is recommended to check for the specifications in the manufacturer’s guide.

Q: Is it possible to buy replacement parts or add-ons for this type of stroller?

A: Regarding replacement parts, it is best to make that inquiry when making the purchase. It could depend on the retailer or manufacturer. Extra features are often sold separately. Such information can be found in the owner’s manual.

Q: What kind of brakes do convertible models have?

A: They can either have a hand or foot brake. There are two types of foot brakes, ones that are applied with one foot and the others that require both feet. It is better if the brake can be applied by one foot because it reduces the chance of the stroller tipping over or rolling.
Some strollers include a wrist brake, which is a strap that the parent wears to prevent the stroller from rolling when it is stopped.

Q: Is this type of stroller suitable for all types of terrain?

A: The majority of strollers are made to be used on concrete surfaces. However, some models do have wheels and tires suitable for different terrain, but that doesn’t apply to all convertible strollers. Before making the purchase, make sure to check if the stroller has appropriate wheels and suspension for your intended use.

Q: Is this type of stroller suitable for jogging?

A: No, it is not, and it can be very dangerous to use them for such purposes. There is a special category of strollers that can be used for running and jogging.

Q: Where can I find recall information on my stroller?

A: Such information should be available at the store where you made the purchase. If that is not possible, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly. Another option would be contacting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission.

Q: Can I attach a car seat to this type of stroller?

A: One of the main characteristics of convertibles is the possibility of attaching an infant car seat. It is important to make sure whether the seat you want to attach is compatible. Some accept only specific models of car seats, while others can accept any, but only when a proper adapter is used.


Convertible strollers provide parents with many different seating possibilities, thus accommodating the needs of a growing family. And each family has their own thing going.

They are often a bit more expensive than other models on the market, but they also include much more additional features that are of enormous value to a big family.

Before finally deciding on a model, consider how many kids will use it, where will it be used, and what kinds of characteristics are essential for your stroller to have. Taking all of this into account will be of great help when you decide to make the purchase.