Best Battery Operated Breast Pump Reviews

models of battery operated breast pumps

Imagine yourself in this situation – you’d like to express some milk, but you don’t have a backup manual pump, and there’s no outlet available anywhere around. Imagine yourself wanting to pump some milk for your infant, but you’re in a middle of a traffic jam or in a country with no adapter.

There’s a solution for these kinds of situations – and that would be the purchase of a quality battery operated breast pump. We’ve decided to review the most popular models on the market, and find out if they’re really worth the money. Join us!

batery operated breastpump starter set
Spectra Baby USA S1

Weight: 3.3 pounds
Suction Strength: max 350mmHg
Breastshield Size: 24mm (standard)
Material: BPA Free
*Closed system - hygienic for you and baby.
medela swing breast pump for travel
Medela Swing Breast Pump

Weight: 2 pounds
Suction Strength: max 280mmHg
Breastshield Size: 21mm, 27mm, 32mm
Material: Plastic, BPA Free
*Comes with a belt clip and neck/shoulder strap to make mobile and tabletop pumping easier.
evenflo single breast pump
Evenflo Single Breast Pump

Weight: 13.4 ounces
Suction Strength: max 250mmHG
Breastshield Size: 24.5mm, 28mm, 30.5mm
Material: BPA Free
*Extra membranes and valves to use once the originals needs replaced.
hygeia enjoye fast and easy breast pump
Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump

Weight: 2.07 pounds
Suction Strength: 240 mmHg
Breastshield Size: 27mm (standard)
Material: BPA Free
*Maintain milk supply as well as to collect breastmilk.
nibble comfort breast pump great for travel
Nibble Comfort Breastfeeding Pump

Weight: 15.8 ounces
Suction Strength: 340 mmHg
Breastshield Size: 24mm (standard)
Material: International PP material
*Baby Breast pump is not easy to break, BPA free, No harmful substances release.


Spectra Baby USA S1 – Editor’s Choice


When it comes to battery operated breast pumps, the Spectra Baby USA S1 is our absolute favorite. This model has it all, and it’s truly no wonder why it became so popular, even though the Spectra is quite new to American market. Their new model, Baby USA S1 has an incredible functionality; it’s easy to carry around, and, considering its efficiency, comes at a great price. With so many moms opting for this model, we decided to find out what’s so great about this battery operated breast pump. Let’s see what it has to offer!

The main selling point of this pump is certainly its suction rate of 300 mmHg, which puts the Spectra Baby USA S1 into the category of hospital grade pumps. While not all moms will need such a powerful suction level, it’s always nice to have an extra advantage. This also means that it should be much easier for you to find a comfortable suction level with this pump. In one of their slogans, Spectra claims that their models don’t suck, but suckle. This is, actually, true – the S1 has a unique approach to the suction process, enriched with vibration. At the beginning of the expression phase, the pump will vibrate the nipple, which is then followed with deep suction. The vibration is supposed to mimic the way in which an infant suckles the nipple, and this works very well.

The model is super quiet, and an excellent choice if you’re into wee-hour pumping. You’re also getting a pair of back flow protectors in the package, which makes the S1 a closed system pump and doesn’t allow the milk to get in contact with the motor. It makes the model more hygienic – it can even be shared between multiple users. There’s also a nice LED display, as well as the convenient auto shut-off feature.

With so many advantages, the Spectra Baby USA S1 definitely deserves our Editor’s Choice award. We highly recommend it!


  • Mimics baby’s suckling
  • Hospital-grade efficiency
  • Quiet
  • LED display


  • Bulky – needs a separate bag
  • The included bottles are flimsy

Medela Swing Breast Pump – Perfect for Travel


Medela is one of the most famous manufacturers of breast pumps, and we’re always pleased to have their products on a review. This time, we’ve decided to take a look at their new battery operated model – the Medela Swing Breast Pump. Designed for infrequent use and bringing a lot of useful features, it’s one of the company’s best sellers. Many moms are praising it, but there are also some who aren’t that happy with this model. Which one of these groups is right? Let’s find out together!

When it comes to design, we have only words of praise. The Medela Swing Breast Pump has a bright, circular design, and doesn’t look as clinical as so many other models on the market, which is a big plus in our book. It features a two phase expression cycle, which is designed to mimic the baby’s suckling motions. The first step, called stimulation, creates a quick suction rhythm (2 sucks per one second) and lasts for three minutes. The expression phase, on the other hand, is a bit slower and lasts for half an hour. The two phase expression cycle encourages the mother’s body to produce more prolactin, which improves her milk supply. Of course, the whole process is very adjustable, preventing discomfort during the breastfeeding. You can also buy additional breast shields if you need a better fit.

The pump is very easy to assemble, since it consists of only five parts, and the same goes for cleaning. It runs on the standard AA batteries, so there will be no need for panic once you forget to bring your power adapter. These kinds of batteries can be purchased literally everywhere. And, since Medela is among the established brands, the spare parts are widely available, and you can easily buy them in the retail baby stores.

Just like the other Medela pumps, this one also excels in almost every field. Considering it for purchase would be a wise decision.


  • 2 phase expression cycle
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Runs on standard batteries
  • Widely available spare parts


  • Open system
  • Louder than expected

Evenflo Single Breast Pump – Affordable yet Effective Product

evenflo single breast pump

Evenflo is one of America’s most famous manufacturers of juvenile products – they’re making safety gates, car seats, doorway jumpers, and, of course, breast pumps. Their new model, the Evenflo Single Breast Pump, comes with some handy features and certainly deserves a more in-depth look. It is lightweight and portable, has easy-to-operate fingertip controls, and has soft, removable flange inserts. The package also includes an AC adapter, a carrying case, and the educational program, making this pump something that’s definitely worth considering for purchase. Let’s take a look at its features!

As we already mentioned, the Evenflo Single Breast Pump is very compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for traveling. You can simply drop the pump into your purse and take it on the go, which is of crucial importance for the busy breastfeeding mothers. The model comes with an adjustable vacuum for additional comfort, as well as with a removable silicone insert, accommodating breasts of different sizes. We were pleased to find out that the package also includes a 5 fl. oz bottle (for milk storage) and a nice carrying bag. To operate with this pump, you will need 3 AA batteries, and these can be bought everywhere.

As the name suggests, you can pump only one breast with this model – it is not as efficient as the double-pumping devices. Still, seeing how affordable it is, we think that this pump offers a good value for the money, especially if you want to use it on the go. With different flange sizes, it will be easy for you to find the right amount of comfort, while the fingertip controls allow easy operation wherever you are. Our only major complaint is that the pump doesn’t provide the amount of suction that we expected.

Even though it’s quite affordable, the Evenflo Single Breast Pump is still efficient enough to be worth considering for purchase. You won’t regret buying it!


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Lots of accessories in the package
  • Runs on standard batteries


  • Not enough suction power
  • Slow

Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump – Fast and Easy to Use


Next up is Hygeia’s newest model, the LBI Breast Pump, used by many mothers all over the world. It’s an excellent choice for moms who are both working and breastfeeding, as it is a professional-grade model that meets the frequent and long-term pumping needs of working mothers. One of the coolest things about this model is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. This will allow you charge the pump at night, and take it with you to work tomorrow. But that’s not the only great thing about Hygeia EnJoye LBI – let’s check out the other features!

One of the first things to notice here is the overall sturdiness and durability. It’s a commercial-grade device, and it should outlast any other models that you have. We’re absolutely positive that moms can depend on this pump in the long term, no matter how frequently they have pumping sessions. As we already mentioned, the Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump comes with a rechargeable battery pack, which is very convenient. If you find yourself in a place without power outlets, you can simply pull out the pack out of your purse and use it instead of the electricity.

And that’s not the only thing that makes this device highly portable – everything is very lightweight and perfectly fits into the accompanying carry bag. This bag comes in black color and looks very discrete, and no one will know what you are carrying in it. The pump allows you to pump just one or both breasts at the same time, making the whole system very flexible and allowing you to use it according to your needs. Of course, all parts of the Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump are DEHP/BPA free, containing no harmful chemicals and giving you the peace of mind.

All in all, we think that buying this pump would be a wise decision – it is fast and easy to use, just like a good battery operated breast pump should be.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • DEHP/BPA free
  • Ideal for frequent pumping


  • Finding spare parts is difficult
  • Poor customer service

Nibble Comfort Breastfeeding Pump – Great Size for Travel


There are a lot of reasons because of which you would want to express your breast milk. The biggest advantage is the fact that your infant can benefit from that very same milk when you’re not around. And that’s what the battery operated breast pumps are there for! This time, we’ve decided to have a look at the Nibble Comfort Breastfeeding Pump, which offers a great size for traveling moms and enough efficiency for your breast pumping needs. This little pump has a lot of good things going for it, and it’s time for us to check them out.

Like all other battery operated pumps, the Nibble Comfort will also require less effort than the manual pumps, preventing you from acquiring hand cramps. The suction power of this model is, of course, adjustable, allowing moms to find the right tempo and the rhythm. The thing that makes this much easier is the presence of a big LCD display, which is bright and easy to read. While it’s working, the pump is whisper quiet, and it won’t wake up the baby if you’re feeding it with your other breast.

This breast pump has been designed to mimic the sucking patterns of a hungry infant, which encourages the milk flow and makes everything a little bit faster. This is a common feature on battery operated models, and we think that Nibble did a pretty good job with it. We really like the design of this pump – it combines the clinical white with merry green and looks very sleek and modern. Due to its size, the device is very compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. All parts of the pump are BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals.

Ideal for the moms on the go, the Nibble Comfort definitely deserves a recommendation.


  • Sleek design
  • Big LCD display
  • Mimics baby’s sucking patterns
  • Allows double pumping


  • Poor customer service
  • Some users report malfunctions


The difference between the battery operated and electric breast pumps is actually, very small. Unlike the manual models, both types use electricity to provide mothers with milk expression, with battery operated models being the ones with bigger autonomy. They are, also, less expensive than the electric models (prices range from $50 to $100).

One of the biggest advantages of these types is the portability – some models are even “wearable,” which means that you can discreetly place them under your clothes. This allows moms to do some hands-free pumping while they’re not at home (at work or on vacation, for example).

These types of breast pumps are using batteries that power the motorized pump, which in return creates the necessary suction that extracts the milk from the user’s breasts. The pump will, usually, have a control panel with a switch or a dial that lets the user control the overall degree of suction.

Some battery-operated pumps can be adjusted to work under different suction patterns. The adjustable suction allows moms to find the setting that will closely simulate her nursing baby, and that includes features such as “let-down.” This would be a natural reflex which begins the release of milk once the nipple area is stimulated.

The biggest disadvantage of the battery-operated pumps is that pumping with them takes longer than it does with the electric models. Also, your pump might run out of battery juice in the middle of the session, which is pretty inconvenient.

battery powered breast pump review


A breast pump is, generally, a nursing mother’s best companion during the lactation period. For some moms, a quality model can make all the difference between a bad and a successful breastfeeding experience. With this in mind, we can safely say that a breast pump is an item that’s worth well-researched consideration. But still, selecting the type is quite difficult, especially for the new moms. Is the battery operated model the right choice for you? Will it satisfy your breast pumping needs? Read on and find out!


These types of breast pumps are perfect for moms who are frequently away from their infants, or have to return to work full-time and simply don’t have the time to nurse regularly. Most of the battery operated breast pumps are fully automatic, coming with adjustable suction levels and variable cycling times. This helps moms to avoid the annoying nipple discomfort.

Some models of battery operated breast pumps are designed to simulate the infant’s sucking patterns – starting with short sucks and ending with slower, deeper sucks. This encourages the milk flow and makes the whole process far more comfortable. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this feature will help you pump out more milk than you would with a model that doesn’t have this trait.

These types of pumps sometimes come with carrying cases, and the package can also include bottles and other accessories, such as labels, clips, nipple ointments, and other. One thing that you should definitely look for in battery operated models is the ability to charge them in your car. The adapters for this are usually sold separately, but they’re definitely worth the money. This will give you greater flexibility, allowing you to replace the battery juice before you even get home.


This depends solely on your own circumstances, as there are different kinds of models for different situations.

If you are completely sure that you’ll be returning to work once the baby is born, you should consider buying a battery operated model before the child arrives. In that way, you’ll have the time to get used to it, and once the baby comes, you will already know how to use the device and will be able to provide your baby with the precious fluid.


Before you decide to finally buy yourself your very first battery operated breast pump, you should know that there are a few things you should be aware of. Have a look at these points:

Why do I need a breast pump?

For this, you’ll have to see your healthcare professional, like the lactation consultant. She will help you determine the reasons for which you may need to use this device and the best type of pump for your situation. She’ll also assist you with the device and give you instructions for the best milk expression routine.

Do I need a battery operated model?

This depends upon your answer to the following question – is the speed important to you? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely avoid the manual models and go for a battery operated breast pump. The manual models are suitable for occasional use (and they’re also cheaper) but are also much slower, and are hard on the hands as they require lots of pressing. The battery operated pumps cost more but are far more efficient.

The pumping time

How many hours during one week do you intend to spend pumping? The battery operated models are faster than the manual ones – and the “double” models are even faster, allowing you to employ both breasts. This will cut your pumping time and give you more time to spend with the child.

the swing breast pump

Speed and suction control

Some battery powered models come with limited control ranges or settings. Some brands, like Medela or ARDO, offer a bigger flexibility when it comes to adjusting the controls. This can help you find the best level for your individual maximum milk expression. If you decide to go for the model with fixed or limited settings, your pumping sessions will probably take much longer.

BPA free

The BPA (Bisphenol A) would be a hormone-disrupting chemical that’s present in polycarbonate plastic and has the potential to cause severe health problems. Fortunately, many baby products are now manufactured without BPA, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful about it. There are still some manufacturers who include BPA components into their products – always look for the breast pumps with “BPA-Free” symbols on the packages.

Cleaning options

Most battery powered models are easy to take apart for cleaning. Washing in hot water which is then followed by hot water rinsing and then air drying should be quite sufficient. However, the pumps can also be cleaned in other ways – like boiling, microwave steam sterilizing, using a plug-in sterilizer, or washing them in the dishwasher. Always check the instructions manual to know how exactly to wash your particular model.

Availability of spare parts

If one part of your pump breaks and the brand is not offering spare parts, your model is, essentially, useless. Check if the brand of the pump you’d like to buy has readily available spare components in case your model breaks.

Buying your first battery operated breast pump should be a little bit easier now. We hope we’ve helped you!


Q: How much do I need to spend on a battery operated model?

A: This depends on the brand and the particular model. Typically, the prices of the battery powered models range between $50 and $100. They’re more expensive than the manual pumps but cheaper than the electric models.

Q: Is it worth paying more?

A: The high-quality models won’t only be more efficient, but will also come with various accessories that can be helpful during the pumping sessions. The hospital-grade models are generally the most expensive ones, but they’re also the best.

Q: Can I buy a second-hand battery operated pump?

A: Second-hand models are available, but many mothers prefer to go for the new pumps. Most manufacturers advise against going for the second-hand pumps, saying that their products are designed only for individual users. Speak to your hospital health visitor or the breastfeeding health care professional for more information on this.

Q: What’s the difference between closed and open systems?

A: While researching breast pumps, you have probably bumped into terms “open-system” and “closed-system.” A closed-system model is designed in a way that prevents the milk to come in contact with a pump or air during the expression process. Using an open-system model, on the other hand, means that the milk will come in touch with the tubes and the air. Most of the hospital-grade models are closed systems.

Q: What are breast shields?

A: The breast shields are the plastic parts that are designed to cover your breast and the nipple. Sometimes they’re called funnels or cups. They allow better fit during the expression process and are an important part of every battery operated pump.

Q: What’s the best brand of battery operated breast pumps?

A: This is subjective. Check out our reviews of the best battery operated breast pumps, and you’ll surely find the brand and the model that suits your needs.


The battery powered breast pumps are a great choice for the moms in need of milk expression. They’re more efficient than the manual pumps, but also less expensive than the electric models. They are perfect for moms on the go, as they don’t require an outlet to be charged up, and are compact enough to be carried in a handbag. In our reviews and articles, we have tried to help you get to know more about the most popular models and their advantages and flaws. All of the models we reviewed are good in their own ways, and we don’t think that selecting either one of them can turn out as a mistake.

But if we had to choose just one battery operated model as our favorite; that would be the Spectra Baby USA S1. We gave this model our Editor’s Choice award for a reason – it has a lot of good things going for it. It has hospital-grade efficiency, it mimics baby’s suckling, works quietly, and has a LED display – what more could one want from a breast pump?

Of course, don’t remember to check out the other models – maybe you’ll find just the thing you’ve been looking for!